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SCI-FI: Sabine Harper is an agent for a corporation called Vortech. After the solar flare killed millions and knocked out power grids, she spent most of her time at the top of the world training for her next mission. When she is assigned the mission, she discovers that she will be traveling to a hidden civilization under a dome.

LGBTQ: Elliana and her twin sister, Brielle are quite powerful. So powerful, in fact, that many supernatural creatures either want them dead or to utilize their power. Realizing the predicament they are in, they are sent to another realm until it is safe. After two years, they attempt to come back. Elliana sees her old flame in trouble. She takes a risk to save her and it backfires.

Travis Kane is a jungle guide who is tired of moving around. He unexpectedly receives an inheritance from a grandfather he barely knew. It’s a box that he is told to protect, a letter, a home, and a few other items. Travis believes his grandfather was a little ‘off’ as he spent a lot of time searching for a lost treasure in Peru.

Single mom Lisa Sommers was on a journey of self-discovery when the werewolf bit her. A year later and she’s still on that journey...only now she has to understand what being a werewolf actually means. For the most part, she’s decided to ignore that part of her life. When a dark threat begins stalking her daughter, Lisa is now singing a different tune.

Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2)
Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeff Hutchins

With the Wiccan Vampire, Valeria, out of their hair, the self-made family has seen unbelievable success in their stage show on the strip. Isis and Zack are feeling closer than ever. Life is perfect…or at least it was, until Isis begins to have seizures that cause her powers to lash out.