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Gabrielle has just returned from Paris at her father, the king’s, bidding. He suspects he is dying and wishes to see her wed before he passes. He has one offer for her; Robert Cauchon, le Marquis de Nantes, wishes her to wed his son, Ugolin. Gabrielle is repulsed.

HISTORICAL: A melancholy Lady Rachel Emerson, daughter of the Duke of Harrington, has returned to Sommer-by-the-Sea after a very long absence. It is the day before the Halloween Ball at Emerson Manor. The manor is being sold to the Historical Society at midnight, so Rachel only has a few hours today to search the manse to find her missing locket she lost so many years ago.

A Lyon of Her Own
St. Claire

Alexander Douglas, Earl of Wrotham, is playing cards at the Lyon’s Den when he notices a peculiar young man playing at one of the other tables. The only information he can glean is he is Mr. Paul Smith. Alex is not interested in marrying, but his mother insists he escort her and his sister to a ball. Once there, he cannot take his eyes off the stunning Pricilla Giffard.

PARANORMAL: Mildred Carrington lost both her parents, and her husband, Edward Carrington and never having any children, she is completely alone. She opens The Carrington House as a quaint bed and breakfast, and after a few years, passes away in her sleep. Awaking back in Carrington House, she is visited by Chemin Sombre, a dark arts teacher, and learns the art of mind manipulation.

Phoebe Whittington, daughter of a wealthy textile merchant with a large dowry, does not prefer the matches her father arranged for her, either to the Marquess of Pickering or the Earl of Collumby, and prefers to try her hand at true love. She hatches a scheme to elope while sending her maid, J’non Butler, on to marry the Marquess in her place.