Recent Reviews

Rising Tide

Leo is a fisherman from Alaska. After the deaths of his brother and father and questions from authorities, he leaves and heads to Portugal, the land of his mother, to search for the saboteur of his father's boat.  Piper is a fisherman from Northern England.

Tainted Dreams

Jake and Kate have just made it into Oregon City, barely, and with little of what they started out with—including her father and little brother.

Bad Traveler

An itinerant traveller, Gwen is now on her way home after years spent crossing the globe.

REGENCY:  Ruby St. Augustin accidentally found an old journal belonging to her mother - a distant, cold woman.  In it she finds the reason her late father doted on her, while her mother couldn’t tolerate her existence. What her mother left out was the name of the man responsible.

Sexy star quarterback Griff Montgomery has it all - a successful career, beautiful women at his beck and call, and he is a surrogate father to his widowed sister’s kids.  His life is full and satisfying until his sister remarries and moves out of town.