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Another fine story in the Opera Dynasty series! This story centers around Giuseppe, the brother of the opera star siblings, and his lost love, Fiona, an Irish opera star. Now Fiona has landed the lead part of Carmen, and Guiseppe comes to New York as male lead in the same opera. His ulterior motive is to win back Fiona’s heart.

Theodosia “Theo” Jordan has spent the last eight years living with Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim in Atlanta since the death of her parents. Now, just a few weeks from turning twenty-one, she is poised to inherit the estate her uncle has held in trust for her since their death.

The Con Man's Daughter

Anna Holcomb returns to the only place that felt like home to her, Redbird Creek, Texas. She is eager for a new start. Her dad is a professional conman, currently doing time, and she wants to shed any lasting connections to the days when she had been forced to help him score his cons.

Promising an old friend that he would look out for the man’s younger sister, Lord Stephen Stanhope sets out to find Lady Maryann Beresford, an impetuous adventurer on a quest to visit her older sister in Vienna. When Lady Mary’s traveling companion disappears, the young woman is distraught to find that no one in the small Swiss Alps Inn will support her claim.

Abracadabra Charles is a writer who’s struggling to finish her latest book. The twice-divorced author decides to leave the warmth of Las Vegas to spend Christmas in her New England hometown of Dickens. Colton Bree is known as the town’s Mr. Fix-It, an appropriately handsome hunk who’s good with tools. Will coming home be all Abra hopes it to be?