Seeking Solace (Solace Book 1)


FANTASY:  Arvana is a Solacian (holy order, similar to nuns) who has supposedly come to Acadia to serve as tutor to the teenage princess.  In reality, Arvana is on a secret mission to find someone who has the ability to use the Blue Eye, an ancient relic with powers that are both awesome and terrible.  She is hoping the princesss older brother, Prince Chane, will pass the test.  Chane begins a forbidden flirtation with Arvana and eventually asks her to make an impossible choice.  Meanwhile, rumors of a foul beast inhabiting a lake are coming down from the north, and if they prove true, it could be the beginning of the end.  Arvana is running out of time.  


Anna Steffl has crafted a fantasy opener with a solid backstory.  In "Seeking Solace", the actions of the past are still having a strong impact on the present.  The flirtation between Chane and Arvana never fully blossoms into romance, which may disappoint some readers, but most will be happy that Arvana demonstrates a firm sense of integrity by not immediately forsaking her vows for the prince.  The action of the story jumps around a bit and some important events are only hinted at, but hopefully lingering questions will be answered in future books.  


An intriguing start to a new fantasy series.


Leslie Stokes