Sedona’s Spirit

Amanda S.
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Alexa Vandegau is psychic, although she keeps the ability hidden for the most part.  When she was a child no one believed her prophecies, so she learned to keep her visions to herself.  Once she starts college in Flagstaff, she confides her psychic ability to her best friend, Christa, who seems to understand and empathize with her. When Alexa has a vision that her friend’s boyfriend is going to be brutally murdered while he is investigating a local toxic waste dump site, she looks for a way to keep the prophecy from coming true.  Alexa turns to her Metaphysical Science Professor, Max Machete, for help to find a way to stop the murder.  When she visits Max at his home in Sedona, he introduces her to the Native American concept of ‘spirit walking’ as a way to free her spiritual nature and increase her powers.  As a spirit walker, she is able to do quite a bit of investigating on her own, which quickly puts her in danger.

There was a good idea behind the story, and a decent plot; but all the Navajo and New Age ‘woo-woo’ was a bit tough to comprehend and enjoy.  The story was simplistic and suffered greatly from the rather sudden segue into erotica.  What could have been a nice Romantic Suspense story quickly gave way to really bad porn with a number of raunchy, tasteless sex scenes. The scenery in the story was lovely, however; with very nice, colorful descriptions of Sedona and the surrounding area.  Unfortunately, it was not nearly enough to save the overall story.


Faith Turner