The Secrets of Dargon, The Shrouded Kingdom Chronicles, #2


HIGH FANTASY:  The Kingdom of Gremdon has won free of the Elders but Saldor, unlike the rest of his people, feels that evil is coming. Convincing the council to travel beyond the Dark Forest is impossible, but he does persuade them to check the far reaches before devoting all manpower to the harvest. His intention is to sneak away from his small group and head to Dargon where he believes the love of his life has lived these long years. Meeting Marseha at the edge of the Dark Forest is a fortuitous surprise for them both. However, evil is brewing, battle is coming, and secrets abound. Is the past destined to repeat itself or will love prevail this time?


This imaginative fantasy is full of courageous steadfast characters fighting to free themselves from evil magical oppression and forever banishing those who smother their once beautiful world with dark magic and enslave, torture, and kill the inhabitants as they see fit. While the plot captures the imagination, the execution of it leaves one swimming in a pool of bewilderment. The world is scantily described; characters sometimes act peculiarly, and there are editing issues. However, the largest concern stems from inadequate information and a wildly confusing conclusion. It is not enough for the characters to simply state they despise the Elders and the Queen. Without satisfactory background information the reader is left befuddled. Painting a clearer picture of the world, correcting character behavior, steadying the pace, and filling in plot holes would make this a magical tale fit for a Queen.


Carol Conley