Casey Mitchell is a were-lynx; a leader of his colony, no less, and he’s worked hard to keep the existence of his species a secret from humans. For that reason, and many others, it is not advisable for him to enter a relationship with Michelle Slade but he can’t help wanting her, protecting her. Michelle is an extraordinary human herself; psychic, compassionate, yet very guarded and cautious, as well. 

Soon, however, it becomes clear that they have bigger problems. Cats start disappearing, Michelle might end up forced from her home and a medical trial goes south - and all three might be connected.

It is a universal truth that a group of were-animals is always cute, cool or a horror story. Luckily, Casey’s colony is a great combination of the first two! It would’ve been cool to see Michelle’s abilities used more, though. It’s difficult to define what makes a certain book stand out. This novel somehow manages to be “not quite” there, in many categories. Casey and Michelle are interesting characters, but don't quite draw the reader in. The mystery is intriguing, but not quite enough to make the story a page turner. Likewise with the romance and paranormal elements. Perhaps the attempt to fit in all the different threads and angles overwhelms the story? Despite that, “Secrets” remains a fun way to spend an afternoon, preferably with hot chocolate and a purring cat nearby.  

Mimi Smith