A Secret Fate (Whisper Cape #3)


Cael and Addison were blissfully happy. Sadly, fate is a cruel mistress, and they were torn apart. Cael finds himself on a deserted beach with another man who happens to be pointing a gun at him. Oh yes - he also can’t remember how he got there, or anything that happened in the last five years or so. 


Addie is heartbroken. Her Cael is gone and nothing can be worse than feeling like this. Nothing, that is, but Cael coming back and not remembering her or their love. The conclusion that Addison comes to is that it is better for him to regain his memories on his own, rather than simply telling him. Having a man she loves look at her without recognition is a torture. Will Cael remember her? Can he fall in love with her again?


A sweet story about two people destined for each other, “A Secret Fate” works better as a part of the series and not as a standalone, especially as it starts off moments after “Reflections” ended.  However, there is still a plethora of characters to sort out and their behavior is hard to comprehend sometimes which leads to a hardly believable plot. Cael and Addie stand out from the rest and are easy to sympathize with. Unlike “Reflections”, “A Secret Fate” ties all of the loose ends and is a more satisfying read in that sense. All in all, a heartwarming story which will appeal to people familiar with the series!


Ana Smith