Second Hand Stops (Moons #1)

St. Claire

Julia Malone isn’t normal. Raised with five other orphans in England, the teens have been chosen to drink a mysterious substance that enhances their telepathic abilities and extends their lifelines. After the substance has a mysterious effect on the teens, Julia and Nick are the first sent to New York where they assume high positions of influence at Van Buren Industries, something Julia finds suspicious. Despite everything being handed to them on a silver platter, Julia knows their benefactor is hiding the truth from them, and in order to protect herself and her friends, Julia must harness her abilities and her curiosity to find out what.

An intriguing YA paranormal romance, Julia and Nick alternate telling the story as they discover their love and seek the truth behind the potion they drank. Both Julia and Nick are fully fleshed characters with motivations and goals. Yet they’re disoriented by the opulent and powerful world they find themselves in while they try to handle the side effects of the potion which adds mystery. The plot is divided between Julia’s hunt for the truth, and the love between the two teens, both of which burn up the book but are left unresolved. The main problem besides the abrupt cliff hanger, and rushed introduction of the characters, is that despite her telepathic abilities Julia is very easily manipulated which doesn’t quite fit. Otherwise, this is a great beginning to a fantastic paranormal series, and one that will leave readers anxiously waiting for book two!

Sarah E Bradley