Second Chances

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Two years ago life was perfect. Ryan had it all: a wife he loves beyond reason, a profession that suits him, friends, and a shining star of a brother heading on a honeymoon. Then came Christmas Eve, bringing pain, death and sorrow, as his brother died with his new bride.

Two years… And it has never gone away. To make things worse (or better?) strange dreams begin to plague  Ryan, bringing his loss into sharp relief as his brother asks him for something that he can’t even bring himself to consider…

Rose, Ryan’s wife, notices her husband’s preoccupation. She sees he’s withdrawn, difficult to reach and she starts getting insecure. She knows it’s probably something to do with his brother, but what if it’s about their marriage? Does he still want her? Love her?

“Second Chances” is a thoughtful story of love, loss and recovery. However, perhaps because of its brevity, it doesn’t quite succeed in getting the strong emotions across with the depth that is desired and needed, making the great “conflict” seem somewhat unnecessary. The characters, likewise, weren’t convincing or intriguing enough to make it the rich story it deserves. The paranormal angle was interesting, but for the same reasons,  not enough to pull the reader in. After reading this story, however, a reader does feel inspired to fully appreciate the beauty of life and the gift of having people who love us near and well.

Mimi Smith