Seal of Surrender (Seven Seals #2)


Irena Soldan is about to unearth a surprising discovery about her entire genetic makeup. Her DNA deems her to be the second Seal of the Apocalypse - which could either lead to her salvation or to her doom. She is a warrior for the Omega Consortium and fights for the less fortunate, but when an excursion to Africa lands her in the company of the elite group, Scion, she may have a much more significant matter on her hands. 

Chago is a member of the immortal Scion, and his attraction towards Irena sizzles, but he must protect her from Archon who is pure evil. War ensues, and the pair must fight for their lives as they try to battle with an emotion they never experienced before...true love.


What a wild ride! This adventurous installment of the Seven Seals series will have readers hanging on the edge of their seats as we continue the quest to unravel an unthinkable mystery. Although it's quite complex, and could get confusing at times, it's definitely worth hanging on until the very end, because the explosive conclusion is audacious beyond words. There are just a couple of times readers may feel a hankering to yawn, but it will dissipate quickly thankfully to the fast-paced plot. Our headliners of the show, Chago and Irena, thankfully have sexual tension that tends to be quite addicting and entertaining, too.


Jaime A. Geraldi