Seal of Destiny (Seven Seals #1)


Abandoned as a baby, Mira Herald grew up in foster care. Traumatic experiences hardened her heart and she learned to fight to survive. Unfortunately, she also learned to never let anyone in, except her best friend Zoe, who shared her experiences. Haunted by frightening nightmares about Lucifer, she is being pursued by a psychotic demon.

Kagan is one of the Scion - immortal warriors who work for Divinity to protect and save mankind and the world from demons. He’s assigned to locate and protect Mira because—unbeknownst to her—her body contains the first seal of the apocalypse, which cannot fall into the wrong hands.


The chemistry between Mira and Kagan is nicely developed. However, the progression of their sexual relationship could have been handled better considering her past trauma. The characters show potential and their interactions are entertaining. However, despite the impending apocalypse, the pacing is hampered by a lack of urgency and compelling storytelling because of the protagonists’ excessive immature displays of machismo and goofing off instead of handling their business. The mythology seems interesting but the world building is underwhelming, lacking sufficient details and specific information about what is driving the Scion, Mira, Zoe, and their enemies.


Despite being filled with clichés like the horny bad-tempered warrior brothers, smart-mouthed moody heroines, and cruel, repugnant bad guys, “Seal of Destiny” has plenty of action, snark, steamy romance, humor, and horror to satisfy fans of this genre and keep readers invested enough to continue the series.


Lacy Hill