Seal Of Awakening: Seven Seals Series: Book Three (Volume 3)


Dr. Quinn Strickland lives the life of a typical buttoned up scientist. Her past has made her weary of love and uncomfortable outside of her labs. When Orson Parrott joins Eugenicorp Labs, he turns her world upside down. His handsome looks and casual ways warn her to stay far away. She's been burned by his type before.


Wyck, the hero, enters the scene as Orson Parrott. He is a member of an elite organization tasked with protecting Quinn as the carrier for the Seal of Famine. The mission is also his second chance at proving that he is more than capable as being successful as a Scion. 


Seal of Awakening is the third book in the author's Seven Seals series and yet it reads well as a standalone. Wyck's charming personality fairly leaps off the page. The author does an excellent job with dialogue and English wit that makes him a true gem of a hero! Quinn, the heroine, takes a bit to warm up to and her character isn’t as easy to connect with in the beginning.  Traci Douglass includes an array of intriguing secondary characters including Lucifer himself. This is a delightful romance with playful banter between the main characters and a plot that encourages one to follow along avidly. 


Michelle Howard