By Sea (Supernatural Renegades Book 1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  As a U.S. Marine on assignment in Guatemala, Brody Teller’s entire unit is involved in a horrific explosion. He awakens one month later with a supernatural ability to control the sea and no explanations. He’s given an honorable discharge and is ordered to begin life anew in Corpus Christi, Texas as captain of a charter boat. Six months later, military cutbacks have his monthly “supervisory visitations” being taken over by the CIA. Enter Rayna Lopez, a bored desk jockey, clawing her way up the field position ladder. Though grudgingly attracted to one another, chances of more seem impossible, especially when Brody drops off the CIA radar after Rayna’s first visit. When her rock-star celebrity sister is threatened by a stalker, she accompanies her to a yacht, captained by Brody.    


This original storyline started out slowly, but eventually picks up speed to keep one’s interest. The storyline is disturbing: the U.S. government conducting secret experiments on uninformed Marines, as well as the secretiveness afterwards. The CIA hiring someone with direct ties to a drug cartel sorely tested the credibility factor, as well as the sister keeping the name of her ‘stalker’ a secret to the very people who needed to know in order to keep her alive. The writing was clean, and the action full of twists and turns, with a progressive build of passion between Rayna and Brody. The heat between the two is pure steam with the series promising much more from Marines with supernatural abilities.

Lori Leger