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Dead Winner
Kevin G.
SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Rory McEntyre is a nerdy estate lawyer who likes to fall into a fantasy world of video games. He never thought he’d be a real hero, then his ex, Monica, walks through his office door with the case of a $60 million winning lottery ticket and a dead husband. After being named as the most likely suspect, Monica isn’t sure where else to turn.
SCI-FI: Shirakaya awakens to find herself alone in the hellscape of Pandemonium. At least one cycle has passed since her arrival in the strange alternate universe—a universe that is literally starting to collapse under her feet.
Lady Amelia Windmere and her family escape scandal by settling in Italy. Amelia works hard to erase her family’s wrongdoing in order to get back to London. Amelia has a secret fascination with painting watercolors. Still, Amelia’s art suffers, and she realizes that there is more to art than painting bowls of fruit.

When Lord Adam Diamond sees a beautiful lady drop a package, he returns it to her. Years later, Mrs. Alice Malcolm is a governess for the Beasley girls where she teaches them music and languages. One day, Alice is playing her violin, and she believes no one can really hear her. Adam goes to Lord Beasley’s home, overhearing some beautiful music, and thinks it’s Lord Beasley’s daughter playing.

While celebrating her sixtieth birthday, Claire Emerson is given a pendant by her grandson. After the party, Claire can’t figure out what is going on with herself. Claire notices more menopausal symptoms than ever before.