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Rune Abaddon is a rogue dragon shifter who is determined to keep innocents safe from a corrupt government system. Having a bounty out for him makes things pretty difficult for him. He has few places to hide, and with his allies scattered around the region yet also hiding themselves, Rune must stay off the grid and make himself scarce.

The Waxing Moon

PARANORMAL: Lilah Neumann is fascinated by vampires, and she has always longed to live in a world filled with supernatural beings. When Lilah is thrust into life with a vampire very unexpectedly, she falls head over heels in love with him, and decides that she wants to stay with him forever.

Dr. Harriet Bee, or Harry as others call her, has suddenly discovered that her seven-year marriage has been nothing but lies. When she bumps into her husband, Mark, with his wife and children at the mall, her world as she knows it is flipped upside down. Lucky for her, there are two men willing and ready to mend her broken heart.

HISTORICAL: Set during the 20th century, a time of the Summer Olympics and the famous Franco-British Exhibition, Henri works as the head chef of the Royal Tea Room in the Hartridge & Casas department store. This French chef, Monsieur Henri Newbold, is on a mission to one day open his own restaurant.

Princess Sanja Lazar is on the run after she’s forced into marriage with a tyrant and almost killed for her throne. However, the human princess is in for a rude awakening when she finds herself stumbling into the fairylands. To survive, Sanja ends up finding two powerful Mages, who willingly take her in for an extra hand around their house.