The Sea Archer (The Heaven & Earth Series)


Raven finds herself divorced, alone, and lonely. She is encouraged to take a vacation and hightails it to lush Hawaii in search of peace and rejuvenation. Doing her best to keep her fame from being touted on the islands, she hides in a luxurious but comforting vacation rental, where she stumbles upon a scene of a beautiful and compelling seal in trouble, but that’s nothing compared to the flair of awe she sees in the handsome stranger. Finn feels enthralled by the lovely Raven the moment his eyes meet hers across the sand, though he has no idea why he is so captivated, but her new and possessive manager does his best to thwart Finn at every turn. Between the waves, seals, music, and Finn’s Greek mythology-absorbed grandmother, suspense and love will have its way.

The plot is realistic and the romance is strong in this suspenseful fantasy romance. Readers will enjoy the descriptive words of the author and will feel as though they are walking along the shores of Hawaii. Ms. Heckman begins the story with a prologue that introduces Greek mythology and a battle between the gods, which Finn’s grandmother discovers is all too real. Readers may feel confused as to why the author included the mythological details, as they are more of a distraction than playing any part in moving the story forward. While the writing is good, the grammatical and punctuation errors may be a tad bit distracting, but not so much that one will not enjoy this delightful Sunday afternoon romance. Kudos to the author for the extensive research about seals and the threats to their habitat. 

Tiffany Landers