Scorned (A LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted Novel)

Tyffani Clark

“Time sure flies when vampires are trying to kill you.”  LeKrista Scott has learned that the hard way.  One minute a handsome stranger is rescuing her fumbled beer, and the next she is being stalked by numerous vampires.  Roman, a centuries-old vamp, is trying to keep her alive, and the rest are trying to kill her.  LeKrista has recently learned that she has untapped Mage powers, but without knowing how to harness them, they are giving her more problems than solutions.  With the help of her hunky boyfriend, LeKrista is on the run fighting for her life.

There’s something for every paranormal fan in this thriller, which is rife with action and also has some romance sprinkled in.  The author’s writing is quite good, but the way the story is pieced together is sometimes problematic.  With vampires, Mages, and shape-shifters all appearing, characters and storylines should be woven together more tightly, and a couple of characters could have been left out of this volume altogether.  Many characters’ actions and personalities do not remain consistent, which is frustrating, as well as the fact that it is hard for a reader to get settled into the action of the story when the main character (whose POV the reader is following) keeps passing out all the time. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good ideas here, and hopefully future books in the series will give the individual story arcs the space and attention necessary to make them great.   


Leslie Stokes