Angelle has lost her wings. Being the girlfriend of Satan may have something to do with that. Problem is, Satan is Satan. So now that he’s her ex, she’s determined to return to heaven and earn her wings back. Too bad it’s not so easy. She’s got to solve riddles to prevent being thrown back into hell AND save as many souls as she led astray, all while running a bar, killing demons, and keeping up the guise of being human. Phew!

As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, a hunky-dunk vampire-slaying human saunters into her bar and threatens to ruin her whole plan. Jack is smexy to the nth degree but if she gives into her baser instincts, she’ll never get back into heaven.

That story sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It had sooo much potential! Templeton even has a fun snarky sense of humor on top of the great premise. It should have been a slam dunk. Unfortunately this story gets suffocated. Like, throw-a-bag-over-its-head-and-duck-tape-it-shut suffocated. Too many paranormal elements get thrown into the mix. Just like mixing colors can make a new and beautiful color, but if you mix in too many?  It just becomes a murky brown-black mess. This story got ruined by too much in the mix. Additionally, it needed more than one look-see. Inconsistencies, spelling, punctuation, etc., was simply missed and would have been caught with better editing. This book has wonderful potential. With some minor tweaking this story could be amazing!

Sofia St. Angeles