Scorched (Rulers of the Sky #1)


The Drakkon are the ancients of the dragon world: fierce, protective, and love the smell of a virgin.  However, the world has moved on, and the Drakkon have all changed to humans, except for one. Marcus wants to be human, but the Council will only change him in order to get to his treasure.  Marcus is changed against his will and meets Samantha Montgomery when he falls through the roof in her stables.  She is a romance writer and the amazing attraction she feels is hard to ignore.  Marcus turns up the heat when he reads her thoughts and talks to her in her head.  Will she give in to the passion that is haunting her thoughts for the first time ever with a man?


The characters of Marcus and Samantha are very well developed in this funny, sweet, and passionate romance.  The writing sucks one in right from the start and enthralls the reader with the depiction of a modern world that has a very handsome man falling from the sky, literally.  The dynamics throughout the story give it times of laughter, tears and steam that will make the reader not want to put the book down.  The setting is an English stone castle - it sounds cheesy, but it is far from it.  How the author masterfully uses the castle to draw Samantha to Marcus is a great angle. He is able to fix things at the castle and he sees that it is not just Samantha’s sweet virgin smell that has him wanting to be near her.  This is a truly great, original book, and readers will anxiously await the next installment!

Laura Dinsdale