The Scent of a Soul


Fleeing her past and low on money, Lilliah Woods settles into a small apartment in the seedier side of town to begin her new life.  She learns fast, however, that she is ill-prepared for what she has chosen.  Enter Marek Jamison, the elusive but handsome man who lives above her.  From their first encounter, Marek seems to miraculously show up each time Lilliah is in trouble.  

Marek has waited forever for a woman who does what Lilliah does to him.  For this reason alone, he can never let her go.  The more time he spends with her, however, the more he falls for her sweet nature and kind spirit.  But, revealing himself fully may destroy the love that is growing, can he risk it?  


This story is both very good and very frustrating.  The plot is intriguing and the characters are engaging.  The story enjoys enough twists and turns that one is repeatedly surprised and pushing to read more.  The downside is in the length and basic writing style.  Sentences often came across as elementary rather than educated and the story tends to drag on at times.  There were also acceptability questions concerning the “kiss” that may cause  reservations.  There is a final wrap up at the end, though, that takes all the characters and follows them throughout their lives, wrapping all the lingering questions up rather than open for future books.   Overall, while it isn’t a riveting,  can’t put down read, it is an enjoyable and interesting one.


Ruth Lynn Ritter