Scent of Betrayal


Bethany Leitner is finally on her way to Scotland after nearly being killed. Despite her objections, Davis Campbell of the North American clan has decided to accompany her as her bodyguard. She's sure she can get rid of him once they arrive, but she had not counted on his stubbornness. As far as Davis is concerned, Bethany brought murder and betrayal to his clan's doorstep and though she was cleared, too many questions remain. It isn't long before an attempt is made on Bethany's life. To complicate matters, Davis discovers his fascination with Bethany goes deeper and he has to face the fact that she might be his mate. The mixing of clans is frowned upon and he is not about to leave his clan, the only family he has ever known. But someone is determined to kill Bethany, and Davis will have to decide if he can protect Bethany and still walk away with his heart intact. 

For paranormal romantic suspense readers, "Scent of Betrayal" is a must read! Ms. Carbo has created a fascinating world in which members from another planet escaped to Earth and set up four distinct clan communities. Bethany, an owl shifter, has experienced abandonment and loss in her life. Despite that, she is compassionate and caring. Davis, like his wolf, is fierce and protective of those he cares about. The world building could be developed further to better understand the rules of this race, but this is a series with potential. "Scent of Betrayal" weaves a trail of romance and suspense that will keep readers glued to every page!

Tricia Hill