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NOVELLA: Following the death of his brother, fifteen-year-old Christian Bainbridge is shuffled off to the home of his older cousin. There, Christian is determined to succeed on his own. Though his cousin is a scoundrel, one thing makes his few weeks there bearable: he gets to observe a young housemaid as she reads with determination each evening on the veranda.

Holly Jennings and Lachlan McKenney are both dragon shifters, and they fell in love with each other ten years ago, but Lachlan’s responsibilities and his plans for his future don’t allow room for love. Consequently, he breaks Holly’s heart and leaves her alone, even though they are fated mates. In the ensuing years, they have tried to get over one another, but neither succeeds.

The Golden Princess (Chronicles of Fu Xi)
Brian L. Braden
Narrator: Philip Battley

This story takes place in the city of Hur-ar, nicknamed the City of Gold, located near the Caucus Mountains. As the tale begins, Sarah is a Princess in the House of Azubehl. She is the daughter of High Princess Meribeph and Prince Azubehl, and her brother is Prince Ezra, second in line to the throne.

Home Sweet Home

Trina has gone through a lot during her life, including a drunk mother who always had different boyfriends and was not there for her when she needed her. When she was younger, Trina lost her boyfriend, who was her best friend, in a car accident resulting from alcohol. They made plans together, but Trina lost all that the day he died, and she flees her hometown, drowning in sorrow and pain.

Priscilla and Charles have been friends since they were children, rivals at everything and yet supportive of one another. When Charles becomes engaged through an arranged marriage, Priscilla realizes her true feelings for him and sets out to be a rival for his attention, with the help of his fiancé and a matchmaker.