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Love is a Battlefield

Addison Cooper, a single, interior decorator, finds herself traveling to Oregon with her mother on an emergency, her mother claimed, to save her best friend’s family lodge. Floods of memories haunt Addison, of all the pranks the two sons of the friend played on her during family camping trips as children, especially those of Brogan. Little does Addison know the entire emergency is a setup.

*Trigger Warning: Contains flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse*

Sometimes the biggest lives can be lived in the smallest towns. Sentimental, soft-hearted Justine from Piney Falls, California, appreciates the quiet life. In fact, her only complaint about her quaint hometown is the lack of eligible bachelors. Burke’s been waiting patiently for the day his father’s family would claim him. Sadly, he never got to know his late billionaire dad.


FANTASY: Clover has only one type of luck, the astoundingly good kind. For eighteen years, she’s led a charmed life with her grandmother in a high-rise New York apartment. But on the day of her eighteenth birthday, everything changes. Finn is at the end of a very long assignment given to him by his not-too-trustworthy boss.

Twelve-year old Clara has a perfect life exploring the snow-blanketed acreage of her family’s Christmas tree farm in Utah. For all the charm that surrounds her at the holidays, there is one place that holds a particular magic for Clara—the old well. It’s the site where she first met fourteen-year-old Liam.