Say Yes, Sons of the People, #1


Single mom and successful author Serafina Noland takes a vacation in the Outer Banks and ends up bringing home a sexy man-sized souvenir by the name of Levi Ewart. Even though she’s troubled about being years older than Levi he dismisses the age difference. After all, his own mother is older than his father by a few centuries. He’s falling hard for Sera, but his ancestry is secret and he wants to be sure she’ll accept him for himself before he tells her all about the People. Nearly always successful at the things he sets out to do; overcoming Sera’s insecurities are proving to be his most difficult undertaking. He must break through her walls. His heart depends on it.


The sexual tension is palpable between Sera and Levi as they meet on the warm sun-drenched beaches of the Outer Banks. What starts out as a steamy vacation fling turns into much more when Sera takes the plunge and asks Levi to come home with her. The road is rocky though, when both parties vacillate between adults and teenagers. Levi, for all he wants to be seen as a responsible adult, tends to fall into a snit when he feels slighted. Sera’s insecurities become tiresome and she’s far too ready to apologize for things that aren’t her fault. These flaws make it hard to take them seriously. Added to this are some editing issues. Giving Sera more of a backbone and toning down Levi’s tantrums would make this a love story for the ages.


Carol Conley