Savior (Keepers of Hell Box 1)


Asher’s family fell prey to a demon when he was just a child. Caught throwing himself across his little sister to in order to save her, Asher was forced to make a deal - when he became old enough, he would become the demon’s slave. Years later his sister is still safe and a very adult Ash travels to and from hell, killing whatever demon mark his master gives him. There’s a revolution going on in hell and his master is using him as a deadly tool. But even Ash has his limits.  When a gunshot puts him in the path of a beautiful doctor - a fully human one - and Ash discovers that Dr. Elizabeth Rone might just be able to give him his humanity back. 


This is a novella starter to a new and exciting take on God, heaven and hell.  Asher is the type of hero you’d expect after being trained as a demon assassin, hard and uncompromising, but with a rigid set of morals and rules and protecting the weak is paramount. There’s enough complexity and backstory built that continuing directly from this novella to the next book will be a breeze. This is not a story with a happy ending, though one would hope that throughout the remainder of the series Ash gets one. A unique look at good vs. evil, this tale actually has a very actively-involved God, and a wonderful explanation of a hell that He uses and controls. While not a new concept in theology, this refreshing viewpoint, a hot and tantalizing opposition to the typical heaven and hell, should not be missed.


Julie York