Saved by Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series #5)


Devon Walsh is a dragon shifter, and a rare white dragon. The dragon shifters are warriors with one huge weakness:  their mate. When they find their mate the love they feel is so profound it can cripple them, or send them diving into pools of passion. Devon has found his mate, but he has no clue who she is or where she comes from. The woman lays in a coma, being treated by specialists and doctors, in the hospital where he found her. His love makes the fight for her life very real and he calls upon every source of power he has to bring her back to him.

The story being told has a large ensemble cast, each of whom have been introduced in the previous books of the series. Each character plays a unique role pivotal to the plot, which of course is bringing Devon’s mate to safety from the dark magic that has trapped her in oblivion. The power of family connection is a beautiful aspect of the story that deserves to be noticed, as not only the blood family but the spouses are joined in love and strength to each other. The story can stand alone; however reading the previous novels would be helpful. A number of noticeable editorial errors do detract from the overall enjoyment of the reading experience. Rising above these is a powerful tale of magical creatures, enchantments, good versus evil, and a powerful romance. A bewitching tale of delightful decadent sexiness, dabbling in the magical mists of fantasy.

Penelope Anne Bartotto