Salvation’s Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book #1)


EPIC FANTASY:  Veteran Demon Hunter and rare terra-dracon Karian Vanador thought she would have a reprieve from fighting after the defeat of the Devil Queen. But she is called to a mission by her sworn deity, as General Braxus Gaswell is determined to start a race war.  She teams up with a group of brothers and a sister called the Silver Blades, and in the process has to ponder the question of why she was resurrected from death, and what her future holds.


Joe Jackson has created an elaborate fantasy world in “Salvation’s Dawn.”  Its cast features various races of humanoids that have characteristics of animals such as dragons, cats, lizards, and demons, with an involved pantheon of gods.  It’s a lot to keep up with.  While the story is involving, it’s also bogged down by a narrative that tends towards passivity and description that reads more like history than an active adventure novel.  Karian is a very admirable lead character who inspires sympathy and respect in the reader.  Her interactions with the other characters serve to ground the reader in a narrative that is complex with large amounts of information that could have been pared down. While the main characters aren’t human, the themes that the author addresses are very familiar: love, justice, mercy, friendship, honor, loss, and the complexity of relationships with others. 

A more active voice would have made this promising novel very exciting. That being said readers that enjoy intricate world-building will appreciate this fantasy adventure.

Danielle Hill