Salinor: The Beginnings


NEW ADULT/MYSTERY:  “Salinor” begins with a prophecy mired in secrets. Leo and Danais share a bond of love and need to find answers about who they are. Together, they unravel the truth. A Tyrant has harbored hate for over a thousand years, and a plan evolves. A world where humans, gods, magicians and fantasy creatures live side by side is dangerous. If the prophecy is not protected, all is lost, and the land of Salinor will perish. 


“Salinor” displays a shadow of “Harry Potter”, a twist of “Lord of the Rings” and a dollop of the unknown. More a lexicon of magic than a story, the seven hundred and forty-two pages needs to be cut into thirds - a third for book one, a third for book two and a third deleted. Mr. Alexander draws the readers into the depth of psychology and the art of magic with the detail of an encyclopedia. With a story this complex it’s too much to absorb. The pace is slow with microscopic moments magnifying details to the cellular level, and difficult to wade through. An enormous cast of characters are defined well, but they spin in place rarely developing or moving forward. Grammar needs to be tightened, and every word written should have purpose. The author’s imagination is extreme if not psychedelic. Information overflow drowns the story itself, which is a shame because the author has a unique storytelling ability if he’d put this fantasy into drive and hit the gas.    


Natasza Waters