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After Leland and Ian Mackay’s father passed, Ian becomes the laird of their clan with his new bride, Keira, by his side. However, during Ian’s recovery, Keira is worried about her sisters being attacked due to the commitment of treason by their father. Leland sets off to the Sinclair Hall to bring Keira’s sisters back safely.

MAGIC REALISM: Hannah Fleet and James Wescott are filled with conflicting inner emotions they never learned how to help one another with. Hannah is a struggling author who has an abundance of stress, while James is an HR recruiter who’s still haunted by his brother’s death.

Isobel is a down on her luck witch, who refuses to use her magic and makes a living through reading tarot cards. When her clients start dying, Detective Michael Sullivan shows up on her doorstep and puts the blame on her for the murders. Now that she is a suspect Isobel sets out with the help of her best friend, David, and a ghost named Viola to prove her innocence, and who really did it.

PARANORMAL: After a brutal divorce, Tilly returns to Key West, Florida, to help her aunt with the ice cream shop. Her ex-husband wants revenge and continues to spy on her. When her aunt has a vision and warns Tilly of a warlock coming to steal their family talisman, Tilly will do anything to protect her aunt. They are from an extensive line of witches, so they decide to use protection spells.

Nash O’Keefe must pay retribution for the destruction of Old Callum’s Horn and Hoof Tavern. Callum is his grandfather, and he’s a stubborn old man who has established rules for his tavern. Nash accidentally set the place on fire, and his grandfather has sentenced him to assist the Mackenzie’s Clan in rebuilding their homes.