Running With the Wolves (The Chronopoint Chronicles Book 1)


Kiuno wakes up alone in a strange wood, with nothing but the clothes on her back. Confused and disorientated, she wanders the forest until she stumbles across an encampment of people whose circumstances are like her own. She makes alliances with others in this strange world. Together, they determine that they are trapped in a game they all played in the ‘real world’. As they struggle in this new world full of monsters and magic, they must come together to find the way home.

Ms. Reed excels at creating complex characters with depth. The character driven plotline is full of unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout the story. “Running With the Wolves” is derivative of “The Maze Runner” and as such, its premise lacks originality. Additionally, some of the dialogue needs further editing as it can be unclear which character is speaking:

When he turned back to Elliott her temper flared. ”I’m more than capable oflearning.”

His smirk vanished, “I beg to differ.”

“Try me.” He shifted, pinning her in place with his icy glare, but she stood

Additionally, the novel ends in a cliffhanger, leaving the major story points unresolved. As such, “Running With the Wolves” is not a stand-alone novel. However, Ms. Reed’s strong and descriptive prose and creative storyline goes a long way to overcoming these shortcomings. The exciting drama and surprising twists and turns in “Running With the Wolves leaves the reader wanting more.

Gwenellen Tarbet