Rolf’s Quest (Medieval Encounters #1)


HISTORICAL:  Ten-year-old Rolf is a descendent of Merlin. Abandoned by his father, he is raised by another and trained as a knight in order to break the family curse. Rolf must marry for true love without the use of deceit or sorcery to break the curse. Unfortunately the woman he dreams of and longs for, Melissa Garrick, is betrothed to another. Time is running out for Merlin, the Royal Wizard of King Henry II. If Rolf cannot find true love, his line will end. A chance encounter in the woods between Melissa and Rolf changes the future, for Melissa is intrigued by the mystical handsome knight that visits her in her dreams by night and steals her breath away by day. Rolf knows Melissa is the one he has been destined for and he must face down her betrothed, her parents, and the King. Good thing he has a friend and supporter in Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Author Aubrey Wynne brings a swashbuckling epic story of family, love and betrayal to life in "Rolf's Quest". The structure of the story is done well — it is long on action and moves at a breakneck speed. The plot is perfectly paced, with characters that will pull the reader right into the action. They are likeable and readers will root for Rolf and Melissa throughout their struggles. The strength of their bond will keep readers glued to their seat right until the very last page. Hold onto a helmet, readers, and grab a shield — Rolf is just getting started!

L. Kane