River Spell (Southern Elemental Guardians #4)

D. B.

After constant conflicts with her sisters and a horrific kidnapping, Mermaid Gwen is keeping her distance from everyone she knows; family and friends wouldn’t agree with the brand of justice she imposes on mortals who would destroy her habitat. Soon, however, she is discovered by an element she has never before encountered.  Kwame Johnson has a sixth sense. Well, maybe more than six.  A former cop turned P.I. he gets results because his senses guide him to  the truth he seeks.  When Kwame is hired to track Gwen down, sparks fly and curses are wielded.  Together they form a bond to seek justice for all elements and undo wrongs meted out by mortals.  Can Kwame keep Gwen safe and fulfill his family’s destiny?  Can Gwen trust Kwame or is he just another mistake to add to her extensive list?

In this fourth installment of the “Southern Elemental Guardians”, yet another component of this intricate tale into the world of Mer is revealed.  Present day on the mighty Mississippi is the setting for this paranormal tale.  Prickly Gwen’s surly behavior is finally revealed and readers will appreciate the summation of her character.  Kwame is a new flavor of elemental and his mindfulness to his family will warm the hearts of readers, but could also wrinkle the brow of those not fond of his bond with his grandmother.  While this story is just one in a series, it is a standalone installment.  Readers following this series will not be disappointed in the HEA awaiting the next turn of the page!

Jordyn Teel