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Chinoah's and Killian's budding romance has a few obstacles to overcome when a warrior angel assignment interrupts their holiday vacation. Chinoah must decide if she wants to spend eternity loving Killian before they consummate their desire for each other. They are assigned to travel back to 1878, posing as husband and wife, to stop the nefarious plans of a demon in Wylder, Wyoming.

Tinker Bell breaks an unforgivable pixie law to save another. Now she's on a quest to return home by acquiring the ruby necklace stolen from the mermaid queen by pirates. Captain Hook is intrigued by the beautiful blond he sees in the pub, so he rescues her from an overzealous suitor, buys her a few drinks, and then entices her to his ship's cabin.

Simone Warner is a successful businesswoman, the CEO of a hotel chain, and recently divorced from a cheating ex. She’s also a mom with a very bright eight-year-old daughter. Yet, for Simone, it’s time for sweeping change. She resigns from her position to pursue her passion for tennis and strives to become an assistant coach.

“The Pizza Guy from Beachside” is the first book in Author Piper Malone’s new series, The Beachside Boys. A modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this quirky romantic comedy pits rival pizza shops against one another. The Cusano and Martaluchi families have been fighting over who has the best pizza for years.

In this latest installment of the Battle Lords of deVelt series, the reader is treated to Cassian’s story. Fostered with the deLohr family since a young age, Cassian was always drawn to Brielle, one of the deLohr children. When their young love draws Brielle’s father’s ire, Cassian leaves Lioncross Abbey Castle and sets out to make a new life for himself.