Rising for Autumn (Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, #3)


When Philadelphia Coven leader Alanna Carrington discovers the Order of the Serpent has returned to her city, she and ex-Order member Samuel Karim decide to tackle their evil head on. As Samuel and Alanna work closely together to combat the Order’s newest malevolent plans of using necromancers to take over Philly, the animosity between them fades and attraction grows. Djinn Sam is upset he’s attracted to the person holding his lamp hostage. Alanna is upset because she never lets anyone affect her and she feels a tad guilty about the lamp situation. Should these two survive their upcoming confrontation with the Order will they be able to overcome their issues? Or is it just wishful thinking?


Anxiety runs high in this book three of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles as tension-filled reluctant allies, Sam and Alanna’s antagonism suddenly turns to bewildering and unasked-for attraction. The journey of these two headstrong, hurt-but-not-broken people is hard on the heart, but also a joy to behold. As this is more of a character-driven tale, which should delight return readers, new readers may be disappointed in the lack of world building and possibly a bit confused at the loss of back story. With the laser focus on Sam and Alanna, secondary characters appear more as props than an integral part of the journey. However, the writing is top notch and one can forgive these flaws as the plot relentlessly pulls one forward as if dying to show how it all turns out. For lovers of witches, unusual characters, and an evil to overcome this steamy paranormal romance will have magical appeal!


Carol Conley