The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds

Kristal Dawn

After avenging her parents’ death with her brothers, Elise discovers a pre-arranged marriage deal with another clan, another alpha. With hopelessness settling upon her shoulders, she makes the decision to run, hoping the man would not stick around. Elijah will not be deterred so easily. He sticks around to build up her estate and pick up the pieces of her disappearing act. Elise is commanded to come back home and finds herself already married to the alpha stranger. Tempers and emotions are both high as female alpha and male alpha butt heads and finally learn to trust one another. However, a traitor is in their household, and they are being actively hunted. Together, they must draw upon each other’s strength and their newfound trust. 

Right from the start, this book brings intrigue and grabs the reader, letting them know they are in for an intense ride. The story itself holds promise as the audience is swept into this quick paced romp, but there is some disappointment in the writing style itself, which at times is relatively lazy. Characters disappear without explanation; the same writing patterns show up within single paragraphs, and their wolf strength appears even when they are in human form.  These minor flaws do detract from the story, but at other times the imagery is astounding and beautiful. Overall, “The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds” is a fun story looking at Lycan mythology, the unbreakable familial bonds within wolf clans, and having the courage to face problems head on. 

Yannie Sorensen