The Rings of Faolan – Rubies (Rings of Faolan #2)

Kristal Dawn

With an engaging balance of sensuality and playfulness, Michael and Natalie’s love story begins in the aftermath of a violent attack by fanatical killers known as hunters. Alpha werewolf Michael Faolan has family and other dependents to protect. Finding his mate in Natalie Terrence is a gift and an added responsibility. Hunkered down in Michael’s shabby-chic mansion at Heather Ridge, this interconnected group of lycans and humans prepare to defend themselves from the council members who are supposed to be their allies, and their many enemies who want them abducted or dead. 

There is a jumpiness to the unfolding of events in the prologue until a bit of an information dump in chapter three, then the narrative settles into a smoother rhythm. It’s easy to understand the general backstory without having read the first book in the series, but there are some scenes and conversational exchanges that feel like details from the previous story featuring Elijah and Elise would offer deeper meaning. A swirling mix of crises, adversaries, and vulnerable innocents keep the story moving. Some key elements in Michael’s and Natalie’s character traits are predictable while the secondary characters embody interesting blends of quirkiness. “The Rings of Faolan – Rubies” is a charming supernatural romp for fans of werewolf stories that layer in themes about community and leadership as being in service to the benefits of one’s followers. 

Cardyn Brooks