Revenge is Sweet


Will Austen has finally found Elinor, his one true love. Now that she has accepted that she is a vampire their story continues in "Revenge is Sweet", which picks up immediately after "Dance Until Dawn".  Will is the Elder of London, a position many vampires would want for the power it wields. A stranger turns up and creates chaos in London - killing humans and turning young people into vampires.  Daniel, a fifteen year old boy, gets help from Elinor at the cost of Will's quiet home life.  As the deaths become more brutal in order to gain the Elder's attention, Will realizes that if he doesn't act Elinor could be in danger - and he will do anything to keep her safe. 


The great details given to what Elinor must do in order to adjust to her new life gives the novel originality. Daniel is a wonderful, fresh character who tests Will’s patience. The love story, begun in the previous book, unfolds here with strong emotions displayed by both Will and Elinor.  The delicate balance needed in order to be a fierce Elder, yet a gentle lover shows the growth of Will’s character. The justice system in which the Elder presides over is unique. The young vampires, some younger than Daniel, bring the story to a dark place and raise a sense of unease. The twists in the plot are not unexpected, and while neither the plot nor characters are truly original, those who love the mix of teenagers, revenge and power will love this read.


Laura Dinsdale