Resurrection’s Angel (Dark Angel Book 2)


Being on the same flight with a demon is no place for a dark angel, but Jaime is on the run from both her past and her traitor husband. Needing to protect her unborn child, she lands in Thailand, which brings its own set of problems. When a suspicious death finds Jaime in handcuffs, she is rescued by a powerful ally who has demons of her own.  A narrow escape takes her through the countryside where Jaime almost loses more than her own life.  After a grueling battle does take a precious life, Jaime travels to Ireland to confront a past she never knew. Then people in Dublin start dropping dead, forcing Jaime to find it in her heart to forgive her husband and bring him back into her life. However, that is a wound that may have festered far too deep.

An intense read from start to finish, “Resurrection’s Angel” is a commitment of both mind and emotion! The novel starts out strong, pulling the reader right into the action with little warning. Being the second book in a series does not detract from the enjoyment of said book if the reader hasn’t read the first. However, reading the previous novel may give the reader a more comprehensive understanding of the series as a whole. The author does a good job of bringing the reader up to speed, especially for a novel written in first person POV.  Still, there comes a certain satisfaction from knowing what has come before instead of just being thrown into the story. Overall, “Resurrection’s Angel” is a powerful fantasy read that will leave the reader hungry for more!

Arec Rain