The Reservation (The Curse Breaker’s Series Book 3)

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Amy knew that she was the third and final curse-breaker.  She also knew that her curse would be the most difficult, emotionally and physically. She has spent weeks discussing this with her grandmother, Vivia (a tribal medicine woman), along with time in a Native American meditation hut.  After having a vision while in the hut, Amy knows what she must go through, she just doesn’t know when. 

Micah is an immortal skinwalker who has been waiting for his curse to be broken for hundreds of years.  He gets a call from Vivia, who explains that he will get his chance, but he will also have to give into love. This is not something he is sure he can do, as in the past everything he has loved he has lost. There will be other skinwalkers vying for Amy’s love in order to break their curse, but they will use any and all means possible, good or bad.


Ms. Daye does a wonderful job with the third book in this series - she finishes off the story with a bang! This story does stand alone if not read as part of the trilogy, but refer to a few experiences from the other two books. This plot is gripping and intense so is not for the weak hearted. And reader beware: there is a gang rape scene. It is not overly graphic, however, and does tie in with the story. The sex scenes are scorching hot, but are so numerous they actually hinder the flow of the story at times. Ms. Daye writes emotionally rich characters, and shudder-worthy bad guys, giving one a scream worthy emotional, roller coaster ride!


Tonya Smalley