Rescuing Lara (Romancing the Guardians #1) Lyn Horner


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Escaping after her uncle is killed and her sister is kidnapped, Lara Spenser finds safety in Ireland, at least until the Hellhounds track her down. She needs a bodyguard. One very capable, if not dark and handsome man, answers the ad. Conn O’Shea has an ex-Special Forces background and the skills to keep Lara safe. She also needs to trust him with a family secret, but falling in love with him isn’t part of the plan. 

There are four genres rolled into one story within the pages of “Rescuing Lara”: part suspense, part mystery, part love story and part fantasy. Conn, the hero, hits the bull's-eye for engaging book boyfriend. Lara’s character is chaotic and frustrating. She’s the next High Guardian of an ancient organization, but she quivers and shrieks like a Southern belle. Her sister has been kidnapped by Hellhounds, but Lara is taking motorcycle joy rides. Most times she’s a sexual tease and when Conn is drawn in, she jumps away. Finally and without notice, she’s a she-wolf in bed. Secondary characters are interesting and described well, but emotional responses are sometimes odd. The novel takes a jog from mystery and a touch of fantasy to suspense near the end. The storyline moves fluidly until the latter part of the novel when the thread takes an awkward loop and strays from the main arc. 

Ms. Horner writes a scene with clarity. Dialogue is interesting and keeps the story moving along. There is a wrap up to “Rescuing Lara”, but not an end, and more mystery to be unraveled. 

Natasza Waters