Kids are vanishing from the streets and private investigator Rose Baxter is determined to find the culprit behind these disappearances and save the children. While incognito at a local bar, Rose runs into the sexy and hard-to-resist private investigator Marty Brown. When she discovers that Marty is also trying to trap the same culprits, Rose decides to join forces with him. However, Marty is not what he seems and neither is Rose. When they discover they are both weres and destined mates, Rose resists the call of nature, causing sparks to fly and claws to extend. 


This paranormal romance is a refreshing change from the usual tale of vampires and werewolves. Dealing with werecats, this story takes off from the first page at a fast pace and doesn’t slow down until the end. However, the speed of the pace seems to rush the story, which had areas that would have been more satisfying if they were further fleshed out, and with a little more build up of sexual tension, the romantic chase would have been thrilling. Despite these issues, the elements of suspense, romance, crime fighting, and action blend together in a skillful manner to enmesh the reader to the story. 


The characters are well-liked and nicely developed, with an interesting storyline that deftly tackles real life issues. With the suspense kept high, this definite page-turner keeps the reader on the edge of their seat while compelling them to finish the book in one sitting!


Janna Shay