Requiem for the Undead

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Gabriella is a beautiful, courageous woman who searches for and finds ancient texts of all races, so that their histories are preserved. Her latest quest has her searching for an ancient religious text. It is her duty to her people and her grandfather to find this text and guard it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. 

In her quest, Gabriella meets Ian, an extremely handsome vampire, who is also possessed by a demon. He wishes to exorcise the demon regardless of the ramifications; therefore he also seeks the Requiem for the Undead. This book holds the spell to rid Ian of his demon once and for all.

The Church of the Damned also seeks the ancient text while building their army of day walkers by impregnating mortal virgins. If the Church acquires the Requiem for the Undead, they will be able to unleash the Seven Sorrows, the seven plague demons who will cause sickness and pestilence worldwide.

The premise of this story is intriguing, however it's lacking in depth of character. At times it was a bit confusing with little to no background story on most of the characters. The characters themselves were lacking in depth of emotion, except for the sexual tension aspect between Gabriella and Ian.  

It would be interesting to have known more about Gabriella's background, such as who she is, what her people are, and more of what her purpose is for finding and storing all of the race histories.  Her story, or lack thereof, was more intriguing than the actual plot of the book. It leaves one wanting to know more about her and her background.  The most important question it leaves unanswered is, what is she? The story line, backstory and characters have so much potential and with a little work, it could be a 4 to 5 star book.

Tonya Smalley