Remedy Maker


Rhycious is a physician (remedy maker), in need of his own mind and soul. He is also a man by day and a centaur by night. With flashbacks of war, life is something he no longer enjoys.

Patience is a “Wood Nymph”; that is, full of good spirit and cheer. She views life as half full, not half empty. Sadly, she is sick and doesn’t know what is causing it. She needs to be healed, and meeting Rhy will help her in more than just a healing way.

When orders are given to Rhy by the Queen to find those that want to start an uprising, and Patience needs help finding her sister that is missing, Rhy and Patience find that they need each other.

What a fantastic journey for readers with Rhy and Patience in “Remedy Maker”! This journey is a roller coaster ride, with magic, mystery, and mayhem!  Readers will find themselves swept away with this fantasy paranormal.  The characters are spirited and robust. “Remedy Maker” is well written with a strong plot. A few too many problems seem to be in their way, making it somewhat of a stretch in the believability realm, but by the end readers will be left satisfied!

Melody Prat