Relentless Flame (Hell to Pay #2)


Dante, an unhuman Indebted, is bound to a demon that uses the Indebted to kill evil humans which he feeds on. Not quite alive and not quite dead, with abilities far beyond those of a human, Dante has been serving his master for over 300 years. Having witnessed his friend being released from his contract, Dante meets the victim of his latest kill, and begins to question everything. Hannah and her brother ran away from evil, but hearing he was killed only binds them into a more deadly game played by monsters.


The second in a series of stand alones about the Indebted, it’s Dante’s turn to find his Meaningful Kill. He is a player and manwhore of epic proportions, though it is only alluded to; the steamy scenes are only between him and Hannah. Characters from the first book reappear, but seamlessly and perfectly intertwine with Dante’s story while updating readers on what has happened since. The storyline about how Indebted come to be and how they can leave the demon’s service, so well played out in the first book, does not feel like repeated information to those who’ve read Peter’s story, and will open the eyes of new readers to an amazing world of possibilities. The weakest part of the plot is using the “I’m leaving you to save you” theme. It fits well into this story, and does make sense, but it’s disappointing that it was used. Dante’s journey from player to genuinely caring man is amusing to watch, since Hannah does not play any kind of game he is used to, and their relationship is worth all their pain. 


Julie York