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After fourteen years of hard work, Caroline is on the brink of achieving her goal of becoming a cardiac surgeon. Finally, she can help families deal with the diseases that caused the kind of loss her family suffered when she was only nine years old. All that changes when a last-minute visit home to see her parents turns into her worst nightmare.

Pompeii Fire
Sharon E.

HISTORICAL: Drusilla and Suetonius locked eyes as youngsters in a Roman marketplace. She was headed to being pawned off on a family friend while her father went to start a tavern in hopes of wealth. He was on his way to be trained as a gladiator after being sold into slavery. They would later meet again in Pompeii and fall in love.

Teasing Miss Atherby

HISTORICAL: Distant cousin to the Winterbournes, Luisa Atherby has come to London looking to strengthen her familial ties after the tragic death of her parents. While helping move furniture within her cousin's London townhouse, she encounters a secret desk drawer holding old love letters which reveal a scandalous secret that may tear apart her new found family.

Two decades ago he gave her hope, then the next day broke her heart by choosing to become a monster of war. Young telepathic Laura has loved her childhood crush, Finn, forever. Once they share their first kiss, Finn realizes he has strong feelings for Laura as well.

Two young lovers, a vicar's daughter and a Duke's son, are separated by lies, betrayal, the rules of society, and an ocean. Thea Fowler and Oliver Hawkins grew up in the countryside village of Thetford. When their friendship becomes intimate, he is sent away to Canada. Oliver promises to send for her, but he learns Thea married soon after he left.