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Boleyn Time

TIME TRAVEL: This story begins in January, 1519 at Chateau Du Clos Luce, in France. In this tale, Anne Boleyn is Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentice. She is well-educated which intimidates most men. She understands mathematics and science at a high level and is very competent. This time travel story occurs in two different settings with people living 500 years apart.

Secrets We Keep

Anna Levenko is from Ukraine. She is a junior tennis player on the circuit—before an injury forces her to change career paths. After graduating from a university in Washington DC with a degree in Business, Anna returns home to Ukraine, and works without pay for a non-profit and with pay for her uncle.

Elwyn is completely unremarkable, and that is the way she likes it. Her ability to remain unnoticed in every situation is what has made her a terrific thief. It is what gave her the job at the notorious crime syndicate where she was raised, and it is what will keep her alive and hidden in Amblewick, where she has fled this same syndicate.


Claire Morgan understands how to play the ditzy heiress that everyone thinks they know. On the outside, she is a fun-loving party girl, but inside, she longs to do some meaningful work and hold meaningful conversations, rather than idle chit-chat.

HISTORICAL: Every matchmaking mother in London seeks Richard Harwood, the sixth Duke of Bentley, for her daughter. His coffers are overflowing, and his title adds to his desirability. However, he has no plans to wed. When visiting Lord Devere, he overhears a young woman talking politics. Impressed by her knowledge, he looks to see her and finds she is stunning.