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MEMOIR: Delicia was four-years-old when she and her seven-year-old brother were kidnapped from their home in Los Angeles and taken to Iraq by their estranged father. Forced to live in a country she has never known, and finding herself the victim of abuse, she fights each day, and now tells her story in this book.

HISTORICAL: Warren “Chief” Smith knows the sea better than most. His ship, The Folly, is in his command, and when Elizabeth “Betty” Devereaux comes on board to help navigate, Chief can’t help but fall for the attractive and brave nurse. She has a mission of her own, and a secret that she cannot share with anyone.

Bear on the Mountain

Escape! Elinor (Ellie) is on the run from her family in Illinois. She’s headed to Colorado; the only place she’s ever felt safe and accepted. Her escape plans started when she received a letter stating that her uncle left her his old fishing cabin, and the land it sits on. She desperately needs to flee or she will never survive the abuse.

Drew Barnes returns to his family-owned lake lodge in Minnesota. He agreed to help with the bookkeeping while his aunt and uncle are off to have twins! His track record recently tarnished his reputation, but his family trusts him, and hopes this will move him past an unsavory scenario. Now working at the lodge, Drew discovers multiple discrepancies in some of the orders and invoices.

What if you could see the future, and could change it? Spider-kin seer, Liliana, is one of the rare creature-kin Others that share a greener futuristic Earth with Normals. Like all spider-kin, she has three extra sets of eyes besides her human ones. She uses her clairvoyant fourth set to see the future, but the further she looks, the blurrier the visions.