Releasing the Demons, The Order of the Senary, #1


Vampires have come out of the shadows and declared themselves top of the food chain, and humans are fighting back. NYPD Detective Valerie Medeiros and her fellow officers battle nightly against the blood suckers, but they’re slowly losing ground to the vampire hordes. Blaze Knight and his brothers belong to the Order of the Senary and are a breed apart. Their only goal is to eliminate the vampire threat without exposing what they are - easier said than done when Valerie investigates a murder that leads her straight to Blaze. Blaze’s nightmare past is about to come back with a vengeance, a vengeance that could get Valerie and others killed if they don’t stop a sadistic vampire hungry for more power.


This exciting post-apocalyptic paranormal thriller produces shock and awe like no other. Blaze’s torture is cringe-worthy to the extreme and his fight to stay sane, even years later, is nothing short of heroic. Valerie has her own baggage, but handles herself very well when she’s thrown into a situation she never sees coming. Secondary characters shine just as brightly as the main characters and the world is intriguing, if a tad grim. The only drawback to this fast-paced steamy tale is the fact that Blaze sees only in infrared which is very limiting. Therefore his POV comes across as false when he sees emotion in a person’s eyes or many other things not visible to the infrared spectrum. Despite that one flaw this is one blazing-hot read that shouldn’t be missed!


Carol Conley